Die Wunderbar GmbH

"For five years, we have been offering creative, seasonal cuisine, thrilling our guests time and again with our fantastic dishes. Thanks to ILB's support, we were able to buy cutlery, china, clothing and kitchen appliances for our restaurant in order to expand our offering. We have already trained several chefs and we are planning to create even more jobs."

Katja Treudler, Co-founder, Die Wunderbar GmbH

Company details
Name/legal form Die Wunderbar GmbH
Sector Hotels/catering
Business Restaurant
Founding team Vicki Stellmacher, Katja Treudler
Established 30 April 2010
CEO(s) Vicki Stellmacher, Katja Treudler
Support details
Project Expansion of a facility
Support programme Sustainable urban development
Year 2011

Die Wunderbar GmbH
Berliner Str.155, 03046 Cottbus
Contacts: Vicki Stellmacher, Katja Treudler
Telephone: ++49 (0) 355 4947440
E-mail: info@diewunderbar.de

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