Promotional programmes for start-ups (sorted by subjects)

From business model development to investment and innovation right through to going international: ILB offers start-ups and founders support for various issues and phases of the start-up process.


Which is the right promotional programme to finance my start-up project? Which other promotional options does ILB have to offer for start-ups and founders?

Start-up qualification/business model development
The regional pilot services and the start-up services of the universities as well as the BPW and deGUT start-up initiatives are there to support you in your start-up qualification and business model development efforts.

First-time establishment/start-up financing in general

Starting up in business usually means establishing a new business. But no matter how a business is established, founders must always consider a host of issues.

Acquiring a company can be an interesting alternative to starting up from scratch. Besides the fact that the company already exists and is in business, another advantage is that it also has a workforce and client base.

Investment/working capital
Starting up in business also means investing. Setting up, running and expanding a business mean that investment and financing will be needed for plant and equipment as well working capital.

Personnel expenditure
In order to support the creation of jobs and the development of human resources, ILB supports start-ups and young companies through a number of promotional programmes.

Innovation/research and development
The development and introduction of innovation mean time, costs and risk. ILB offers several financing programmes to promote innovation.

Market launch/internationalisation
Even the best business idea must find its market. ILB supports market launch measures for products as well as the development of national and international markets.

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