Innovation/research and development

Innovation means growth and progress. But no matter whether new products or new processes, the development and introduction of innovation mean time, costs and risk. ILB offers various innovation support programmes to support start-ups and their new technologies.

Our promotional programmes for innovation as well as research and development:

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Core programmes

Programme Support subjects Support types
ProFIT Brandenburg (Expires on 31.12.2022) Individual and collaboration projects involving technologically new products, services and processes during the following phases:
  • Industrial research (grant)
  • Experimental development (loan)
  • market preparation and market launch (loan), max. implementation period: 3 years
  • feasibilty studies (Grant), max. implementation period: 6 months
Loan: for market preparation and market launch up to EUR 300,000 per project partner

Grant: for Industrial research up to EUR 400,000 per project partner
(support rate for the overall project: up to 80%)
Brandenburg-Kredit Innovativ
with liability release
  • Investments for growth and capital widening, acquisitions (maximum term of 10 years)
  • Working capital (maximum term of 5 years)
€100,000 to €3.0 million
(with up to 80% liability release)
Gründung innovativ(expired on 31.12.2021)
  • Investment in tangible fixed assets
  • Personnel costs (new jobs)
  • External consultancy services
€25,000 to €100,000
(support rate of up to 50%)
Brandenburger Innovationsfachkräfte(Expires on June 30, 2022) Employment of:
  • Student trainees
Student trainees: Support of up to €705 per month
Brandenburger Innovationsgutschein (BIG)
  • Measures to support the knowledge and technology transfer from research institutes to SMEs (BIG-Transfer)
  • Smaller R&D projects (BIG-R&D)
  • Preparation and implementation of digitalisation measures (BIG-Digital)
  • Consultancy services in conjunction with applications for EU funding and support measures (BIG EU)
Small BIG-Transfer: €5,000 max. (support rate: up to 100%)
Big BIG-Transfer: €15,000 max.;
BIG-R&D: €100,000 max.;
Consultancy module: €50,000 max.
Implementation module:
€ 500,000 max.
Training module:
€ 50.000 max.
BIG-EU: €8.000 max. or €16,000 max. for the lead partner (support rate: up to 50%)
  • Company establishment and development
  • Investment and operating equipment for the development and market launch of products, services and processes
Equity financing
Participations/junior loans for small enterprises in Brandenburg and during the seed and start-up phases
(€1.2 million max.)
  • Company development and growth
  • Investment in fixed and intangible assets as well as operating equipment
Equity financing
Active investments and/or participation-like investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Brandenburg during the growth and expansion phase within the scope of co-investments with private investors
(€7,6 million max.)

Other suitable programmes

Programme Support subjects Support types
Brandenburg-Kredit Gründung
(based on ERP-Förderkredit KMU or KfW-Förderkredit großer Mittelstand)
  • Investments, working capital, stock of goods
  • Start-up (within 5 years after foundation)
  • Company acquisition and participation
- up to 25 million euros per project
- Application via the principal bank
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