Investment/working capital

Starting up in business also means investing. Setting up, running and expanding a business mean that investment and financing will be needed for plant and equipment as well working capital. ILB offers a wide range of promotional programmes for these cases.

Our promotional programmes for investment and working capital:

(If you are interested in more detailed information regarding the programmes and the application process, please click the respective links in the table.)Primary or sideline business Start-ups

Core programmes

Programme Support subjects Support types
Brandenburg GO
(based on the ERP SME development loan)
  • Within 5 years after foundation:
  • Investments, working capital, stock of goods
  • Start-up
  • Company acquisition and participation
Loan incl. guarantee
- low-interest loan incl. guarantee in the amount of max. 80%
- 25,000 EUR to 250,000 EUR per project
- Application via the principal bank to the guarantee bank
GRW-G Wachstumsprogramm für kleine Unternehmen
  • Investment in tangible fixed assets
  • Wage costs for 2 years (new high-quality jobs)
  • Intangible assets (limited)
(Support rate of 20% to 45%)
Mikrokredit Brandenburg
  • Start-ups, acquisitions or active participation
  • Primary or sideline business Start-ups
  • Consolidation measures during the first 10 years after establishment
  • Business equipment and business-related capital goods
€2,000 to €25,000
Brandenburg-Kredit Gründung
(based on ERP- Förderkredit KMU or KfW-Förderkredit großer Mittelstand))
  • Within 5 years after foundation:
  • Investments, working capital, stock of goods
  • Start-up
  • Company acquisition and participation
- up to 25 million euros per project
- Application via the principal bank
Gründung innovativ 2022
  • Investment in tangible fixed assets
  • Personnel costs for managing directors in an employment relationship
  • Personnel costs for newly created positions
  • Technical development services not provided by the company itself
  • Consulting services of external consultants
€25,000 to €150,000
(support rate of up to 50 %)
ProFIT Brandenburg 2023 Individual and collaboration projects involving technologically new products, services and processes during the following phases:
  • Industrial research (grant)
  • Experimental development (loan)
  • Market preparation and market launch (loan), max. implementation period: 3 years
  • Process and organizational innovations (grant), max. implementation period: 3 years
  • feasibility studies (Grant), max. implementatioen period: 6 month
-Funding through grants is limited to a total of EUR 3 million per application. (Funding rate for total project up to 80%)
-Funding through loans is limited to a total of EUR 3 million per application
  • Company establishment and development
  • Investment and operating equipment for the development and market launch of products, services and processes
Equity financing
Participations/junior loans for small enterprises in Brandenburg and during the seed and start-up phases
(€1.2 million max.)
  • Company development and growth
  • Investment in fixed and intangible assets as well as working capital
Equity financing
Active investments and/or participation-like investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Brandenburg during the growth and expansion phase within the scope of co-investments with private investors
(€7,6 million max.)

Other suitable programmes

Programme Support subjects Support types
Meistergründungsprämie Brandenburg
  • New business start-up, company takeover or active participation as managing director/managing director by master craftsmen in their main occupations
  • Newly created job or apprecticeship place for at least 12 months, connected with a new establishment or acquisition of a company (within the first 3 years of self-employment)
Basic support: €12.000
Job: €5.000 or €7000 when the position is filled with a woman
Market development by SMEs (GRW Market - International)
  • Active participation in internationally-oriented trade fairs, exhibitions, symposia, congresses, pitchings (also everything in virtual format) at home and abroad
  • Active participation in regional and supra-regional trade fairs
  • Advice and coaching with regard to internationalisation and market development abroad
Trade fair funding: max. EUR 15,000 (funding rate up to 50 %,
for start-ups or first-time participation in measures according to point 2.1 of the Rili up to 80 %)
Consulting/coaching: up to 20 days per start-up/SME
max. daily rate: EUR 1,000 net
100% for the first two consulting days for first-time funding
80% funding rate for start-ups
50% funding rate for SMEs that have been in existence for more than 5 years
Brandenburger Innovationsgutschein (BIG)
  • Measures to support the knowledge and technology transfer from research institutes to SMEs (BIG-Transfer)
  • Smaller R&D projects (BIG-R&D)
  • Preparation and implementation of digitalisation measures (BIG-Digital)
  • Consultancy services in conjunction with applications for EU funding and support measures (BIG EU)
Small BIG-Transfer: €5,000 max. (support rate: up to 100%)
Big BIG-Transfer: €15,000 max.;
€100,000 max.;
Consultancy module: €50,000 max.
Implementation module: €500,000 max.
Training module:
€ 50.000 max.
BIG-EU: €8.000 max. or €16,000 max. for the lead partner (support rate: up to 50%)
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