Cash flow Financing for Film Productions



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Cash flow Financing secures the necessary cashflow liquidity as long as the main financing funds have not yet been paid out.

Recipients Film and TV producers
Subsidy subjects Cash flow financing of film and TV productions, advance payment guarantees
Subsidy types Loans, Grant
Subsidy providers Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) and Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)
Fund origin ILB and IBB

Aim of the programme

Film productions are typically financed from several sources, including, for instance, through TV stations, subsidies as well as distributors and licensing companies. These funds are often received by producers at a late point in time. This programme provides cash flow financing in order to ensure timely liquidity for film and TV producers in the Berlin-Brandenburg media region and beyond.

Individuals and organizations eligible for subsidy; procedure

Individuals and organizations eligible for subsidy

Eligible applicants are production companies based in Brandenburg and Berlin or German production firms which implement a significant part of their project in the Berlin-Brandenburg media region.

Items eligible for support and subsidy

ILB finances production firms in the film and TV industry by offering loans and advance payment guarantees, if required by TV-broadcasters.

Financing is provided in cooperation with Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). ILB's media team examines the requests for financing. The credit approval is made according to customary criteria in the banking sector.

Support and subsidy procedure


Loans are offered in order to cover the demand for cash flow financing. Funds are paid out and repaid according to liquidity planning. Payments are handled via project accounts with a commercial bank.

Term According to liquidity planning, typically until final payment by the financiers involved
Minimum amount EUR 100,000
Interest Interest is determined according to the specific risk and subject to quarterly adjustment based on the development of the Euribor inter-banking rate. Interest is calculated and collected at the end of each quarter.

Advance Payment Guarantees

Advance payment guarantees can be provided as required by the broadcasting station.

Term Until final acceptance of the film project by the TV station
Minimum amount EUR 100,000
Handling fee The once-off fee typically totals 1 to 3% of the credit line. It becomes due when the loan agreement is accepted.
Interest The guarantee commission is determined according to the specific risk and typically totals between 1 and 3% max. per annum. The guarantee commission is collected on a quarterly basis.

ILB examines the economic situation of the film producers.

Ablauf / Verfahren

Description of the application procedure

Informal applications for cash flow financing for film productions can be submitted to ILB or Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). You may also wish to contact Medienboard as our cooperation partner.

The examination by the ILB media team includes project and company risks. The necessary documents are requested on the basis of a checklist.

ILB and IBB jointly issue a timely loan decision.

Need further information

Need information?

You can contact ILB's media team at +49331 660-1502.

Other important information

A personal guarantee is usually agreed to in addition to the assignment of receivables from the project. The guarantor's financial power and the risks of the respective project are considered in this context.

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