Annual Report 2016

In 2016, ILB’s profit for the year totalled EUR 11.6m (previous year: EUR 11.5m) and EUR 11.3m for the group (previous year: EUR 13.0m).

The group‘s income situation is determined largely by ILB. As part of the annual planning process, income and expenditure items are steered with defined budget variables. The planning variables are updated during the year and reviewed with a view to the goals set. The targets for 2016 were by and large reached.

Material expenditure and fee and commission income were lower than budgeted, but ultimately still had a positive effect on profit. The overall profit recorded was much higher than planned. The measure for ILB‘s financial success is the profit before risk provisions and the formation of reserves. In 2016, ILB recorded a good result of EUR 44.8m before risk provisioning and the formation of reserves which is higher than the figure for the previous year (EUR 42.8m).

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