Annual Report 2015

Leading topic "Food industry"

With a commitment volume of € 1.45 billion in 2015, ILB achieved 14 percent more new business than in the previous year. The share of ILB products in the total commitment volume rose to 68 percent.

The funds have benefited more than 4,300 projects and will result in investments of more than € 2.1 billion. Alone through the programs in the economic development field almost 1,200 new jobs are created. Part of the jobs are created in food companies.

The food industry in Brandenburg covers far more than the regional cultivation of fruits and vegetables. In addition to agricultural businesses, nationally and internationally well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Katjes, Eberswalder Wurst and Spreewälder Gurken are just as much part of this as established science and research institutions.

The main theme of the 2015 ILB Annual Report is the "Food Industry" cluster. We invite you to learn about the food industry in Brandenburg and to view selected companies from this cluster from a new perspective.

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